Theodore S. Ransaw, Ph.D.

Theodore S. Ransaw is a research Specialist at James Madison College at Michigan State University, MSU. He is also an affiliate faculty member of African American and African Studies at MSU and the Co-Editor of the book series International Race and Education, published by MSU Press. Of note, Ransaw has just released one of the largest and most comprehensive books related to African American males, The Handbook of Research on Black Males. Dr. Ransaw’s work has been published in many peer-reviewed journals, including the Journal of Black Masculinity, SPECTRUM, A Journal of Black Men. He also has a solo-authored book published by African American Images, The Art of Being Cool: The pursuit of Black Masculinity and several solo and co-authored book chapters in academic and academic peer-reviewed books such as Routledge, Taylor & Francis, and Rowman & Littlefield. Dr., Ransaw has three research streams, what fathers do to help their children get ahead in school, Black males and educational outcomes, and identity as a reader. He is also an Education Policy Fellowship Program alumni, E.F.P.F., a certified Visible Learning Presenter, certified Adolescent Critical Reading Intervention A.C.R.I., specialist, and certified education coach. Dr. Ransaw was also the Achievement Gap Specialist for the state of Michigan, the director of four assessment-based mentorship programs at three at-risk elementary schools and the former vice-president of the Western Social Science Association, W.S.S.A. He received his Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction (with a focus in international and multicultural instruction) at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, U.N.L.V., and his MA in Communication (with an emphasis on cultural communication) also at U.N.L.V.